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Our Earth Projects


新地球教育宣傳與推廣 | New Earth Education Publicity and Promotion

  • 新地球教育傳單及書刊 | New Earth Education Flyers and Books
  • 社區傳單派發及教育 | Community Flyer Distribution and Education

協助企業投向與地球共存共融的社會模式 | Helping corporate change into a social model of coexistence and harmony with the Earth

  • 撰寫給社區商⼾的愛地球永續營商意⾒書 | Love the earth sustainable business proposal for community businessmen

  • 商戶/企業地球靜心連結 | Merchant/Corporate Earth Mindfulness Meditation Reconnection

  • 愛地球商戶聯盟 | Love Our Earth Business Alliance

媒體創作 | Media Creations

  • 新地球教育短片 | New Earth Education Video
  • 新地球教育廣播 | New Earth Education Broadcast

地球服務 | Earth Services

  • 新地球生態村建構 | New Earth New Eco Village Build-up

地球🌍需要你 | Earth🌍 needs your help



Mother Earth needs everyone’s love and support. No matter where you are, we are all connected to each other. This is an inseparable whole of blood.
For those of you who came to the Home Shine website, we invite you to lend a helping hand again, work hard for our earth family, and move forward towards a harmonious world of friendship and harmony. Your little love and action are very important.

The Earth work needs your help. If you want to serve our Earth🌍, please contact Home Shine, Earth🌍 needs you!