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地球 Earth

我們唯一的家 is our only home

The Story of Mother Earth & Us



在<我們和地球媽媽的故事>中,誠邀您重新憶起我們自出生以來就在一起的重要家人 – 地球媽媽。
我們跟地球媽媽之間的愛從來沒有間斷,只是今天變得越來越脆弱的地球媽媽透過這個故事請我們幫忙… …。

Ever since the human civilization, all the ancient culture and wisdom on Earth based on the rules of nature and co-existence with all other beings as the way of living. Mother Earth acts as an important role to maintain the balance to all beings in our daily life. In “The Story of Mother Earth & Us” , we would like to invite you to recall our Very Important Family Member who lives with us since our birth – Mother Earth. The bonding of love between us and Mother Earth is never end, but our vulnerable Mother Earth would like to seek for your help by sharing this story … .

地球的呼喚 - 我不能呼吸了


With the Industrial Revolution (1759) up to the present, various human activities (manufacturing of products, food production, deforestation, etc…) have continued to degrade the state of our nature. Starting from 2021, it will enter a state more worthy of attention and attention. If there is no change in the situation, the earth and human beings will only have less than 10 years before they will be heading towards an irreversible extinction catastrophe.

Earth Calling, I cannot Breath


What did Anastasia tell us


In the remote Siberian forest, a ringing cedar is calling people to cut her down. …
A story that has changed thousands of people begins here, awakening people’s desire to live in harmony with nature. People of different nationalities around the world have also established ecological villages in their own countries. There are more than hundreds of such ecological villages in Russia alone. The eco village was built because of this book.
The book contains a lot of rich cosmic-level knowledge. Are you ready to open the door of enlightenment?

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